December 2 2023

Online Test Bank

CFA Society Boston has been offering a successful full-day practice exam for candidates for the past sixteen years. Now, Levels I and II candidates can take advantage of our superior past practice exams through our online test bank.

Features include:

  • Questions separated by subject matter
  • Unlimited use of the test bank between the time of purchase and the actual exam*
  • Immediate or delayed grading
  • Timing feature
  • Detailed answer key that references specific readings and Learning Outcome Statements®
  • The ability to start up where you left off on a particular exam
  • Automatic scoring
  • Written by CFA charterholders, who are also members of CFA Society Boston and CFA Institute

*Once you are registered, you will receive access information on the bottom of your confirmation email. Access to the CFA Society Boston online test bank is granted until the date of the next CFA Exam (determined by date of purchase).

This is a bank of the past three CFA Society Boston practice exams. The practice exams are based on the Learning Outcome Statements® for the specified year. Please note that some Learning Outcome Statements may not be contained in the 2023 Body of Knowledge® The test bank will not provide you with an actual grade.